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The Archaeology Teaching Lab

The Archaeology Teaching Lab

This classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual aids to facilitate teaching and student presentations, as well as all the necessary equipment required for analytical procedures in archaeology. This lab is furnished with display cases that demonstrate the archaeological process and highlight artifacts from the department’s archaeological research collections.


Student Research Area

This area is reserved for undergraduate students who wish to work on their projects outside of normal class time.  Equipped with a computer, scanner and laser printer, this area also facilitates document and map preparation.

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Archaeology Library Collection

Located in the student research area, the Archaeology Library Collection, previously part of the Department of Anthropology’s Richard Slobodin Library, is available for student use in the lab. Comprised of almost 350 periodicals, site reports, monographs and rare publication series, the collection covers Canadian and international archaeology. See the Library Catalogue for available titles.

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Wet Lab

Access to this area is restricted to those individuals who have completed their required health and safety training. This space offers students the opportunity to prepare their own skeletal specimen as part of ANTH 3X03 – Zooarchaeology. It is equipped with an exhaust hood, sinks, and all the necessary dissection equipment. The wet lab also serves as an area for flotation of archaeobotanical specimens, bulk sediment analysis, and the cleaning and processing of shell-midden matrix.


The Outdoor Lab for Archaeology

The Outdoor Lab provides students a space to experiment, and experience first-hand, the techniques of stone tool production and outdoor ceramic firing using a traditional bonfire method.

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Additional Collections

Ethnographic Collection

Over 200 pieces of historic material culture from across North America, Australia and Africa.


Donated and Ontario Collections

Over 20,000 artifacts from archaeological sites across Ontario, this collection features individual donations, but also the Rutherford Smith Collection as well as the A.E. Wood Collection of Ontario artifacts.


Archaeological Research Collections

This collection consists of partially and fully excavated sites from across Ontario. The collection focuses primarily on Neutral Iroquoian sites from Southwestern Ontario but also includes sites from Central and Northern Ontario.

Meet the Team

Melisa Dunham

MA (she/her)

Instructional Assistant, The Archaeology Teaching Lab