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Art and New Materialisms

Art and New Materialisms

This cluster examines artistic forms of cultural and political creativity, beauty, and imagination. 


New materialism asks about the life of objects and other matter, and encompasses cultural anthropology, archaeology, and other interdisciplinary areas of inquiry. Research areas include cultural and artistic expressions, ranging from pottery to images to music.


Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick PhD

chair, Anthropology

Associate Professor, Anthropology

(905) 525-9140 ext. 23913

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Basit Iqbal Headshot

Basit Iqbal PhD

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

associate-member, Religious Studies

(905) 525-9140 ext. 24283

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Petra Rethmann

Petra Rethmann PhD

Professor, Anthropology

director-graduate-advisor, Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition

(905) 525-9140 ext. 26259

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Yana Stainova

Yana Stainova PhD

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

(905) 525-9140 ext. 26296

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Affiliated Courses

1AA3: Sex, Food and Death

2BB3: Ancient Mesoamerica 

2FO3: Intro to Cultural Anthropology 

2MA3: Media, Art and Anthropology 

2PA3: Intro to Anthropological Archaeology 

2PC3: Aliens, Curses, and Nazis 

2RP3: Religion and Power in the Past

3CAC: Ceramic Analysis 

3EM3: Current Debates in Eastern Mediterranean Prehistory 

3LA3: Lithics Analysis 

3FFF3: Key Debates in Andean Archaeology

4AA3: Materiality 

4EE3: Archaeology In (And Of) the Present 

4WO3: Explorations in Experimental Anthropology

702: Contemporary Problems 

722: Ethnographic Theory and Research Methods 

786: Global Futures 

787: Object Worlds

Research Programs

Research Clusters

While the department covers four main Research Programs (sub-fields) in Anthropology, we also integrate these Research Programs in six key areas of expertise and investigation: Art and New Materialisms; Ecologies, Resilience, and Change; Embodiment, Health, and Wellbeing; Foodways, Diet, and Nutrition; Heritage, History, and Memory; and Migrations, Displacements, and Violence. 


Ecologies, Resilience, and Change 

Embodiment, Health, and Wellbeing 

Foodways, Diet, and Nutrition 

Heritage, History, and Memory 

Migrations, Displacements, and Violence