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Graduate Programs

At McMaster, our anthropological research encompasses North America, Indigenous Study, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Southeast and East Asia. Our research and graduate training program includes the archaeological, biological, sociocultural and health subfields. 


The Department has 17 full-time faculty members. We work with adjunct faculty and associated members from departments across campus. We have strong ties with Geography and Earth Sciences, Religious Studies, Linguistics, Biochemistry and others. 


What our researchers share in common is a commitment to discovery. Through smart collaboration we are continuously expanding our depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and skill sets.

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Graduate Fields of Study

Research Clusters

While the department covers four main Research Programs (sub-fields) in Anthropology, we also integrate these Research Programs in six key areas of expertise and investigation: Art and New Materialisms; Ecologies, Resilience, and Change; Embodiment, Health, and Wellbeing; Foodways, Diet, and Nutrition; Heritage, History, and Memory; and Migrations, Displacements, and Violence.

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